Windows 2018 dns ptr records not updating

Cable modem addresses are usually assigned with “leases,” which work just like the lease on an apartment – you’re guaranteed to have that address for a certain time, but after that all bets are off.

DNS, the Domain Name Service, is responsible for helping the Internet to function as it does today.

Imagine if the phone company changed your number twice a day — people would have a hard time calling you.

Fortunately, most home users don’t need to worry about all this “dynamic DNS” stuff.

If you want to run a BBS, you’ll almost certainly need to read on. The most interesting, and useful, types of DNS records are A records, MX records, and CNAME records. An A record usually matches a single name to a single number.

For instance, as I write this, it matches the domain name “” to the number “24.2″.

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