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I think that the way cops must bury their feelings to cope plays a major factor in their struggles in relationships. I can’t think of anything more pitiful than having your dream “Mc Mansion”, but can’t actually live in it because you have to work 110 hours a week just to keep it from foreclosing.

A better option would be to get your college degree if you don’t have it or develop a nice side hustle that is sustainable over the long haul.

And let’s not get caught up with semantics on this one. I guess after your sergeant tells you and your trainee to go through an intersection and pick up the rest of the body parts from a pedestrian accident, it might have some residual psychological effect on you. And as much as I love doctors, nurses and morticians, please stop saying that your profession compares to ours in this category. I have a co-worker sergeant that I interact with on a regular basis who routinely greets me with the varying ways he has had my mom since we last spoke. Cops routinely make the giant leap of looking out for people they don’t even know. This is where cops essentially shoot themselves in the foot. But let’s face it, cops are notorious for living outside of their means.

Another blurted out to me one time, after taking an almost lethal zinger from yours truly, “at least my kids live with me”. Cops reading this know exactly where I’m coming from. This is not just applied to the vermin we deal with on the regular. This is another one of those habits or traits that is developed over time. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships, mostly of the sexual kind, cops struggle. I always know when the new academy is about to graduate.

Some journalists have attended screenings throughout the years; many more audiences have been subjected to untold test screenings, with Weinstein and the director Justin Chadwick trying out various cuts.

But this new edition has been largely kept under wraps. It’s a film that, more likely than not, was never anything more than ordinary—an Oscar player that missed the mark, hardly an unusual phenomenon in any given year.

The longer you stay on the job, the more habits or characteristics you begin to develop that run counter to everyone else. I just knew that they would both end up paralyzed or suffer double broken femurs within a week. A cop’s natural inclination is to help those in need.

I’ve come up with this list of 6 but in reality there are many more. Some of these “traits” you may have already heard of or read about. I have never claimed to be Earnest Hemingway or Stephen King. Also See: “The Top Ten Rules of Good Police Leadership”I didn’t always think this way. Not moms, wives, kids, girlfriends or even grandmothers. I remember seeing a comment from a family member once praising their husband for always looking out for the one’s he loves.

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And will the fuss around its delayed release actually help in drawing eyeballs to a movie that might otherwise have been dismissed as a staid costume drama?

, which has long been seen as a major prestige project with Oscar potential.

Tom Stoppard, the legendary British playwright, wrote the screenplay for the final iteration of the film.

That, usually, would have been the end of that., which came out that fall). Then February 2017, seemingly acknowledging that the film had limited awards potential, coupled with rumors that The Weinstein Company, which produced the film, was lacking in funds to mount several major releases every year.

Just before its February release, the film was punted again, down to August, and in some strange final indignity, it was shoved to September 1, where it will (reportedly) finally debut in semi-limited release.

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