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Because profile creating was free, you would frequently send messages to “black holes” – people who created the profile for someone and then forgot.If you were lucky, your contact would respond then he or she would involve several people in the discussion.In the 90s, several Indian companies entered the matrimony space.The most notables were Shaadi, Bharatmatrimony and Jeevansaathi.Often the point of contact for the male would negotiate how much the dowry would be and other conditions.In most cases, the bride or groom would not be in contact with you and they would not have any say in the selection process. Indian millennial generation is taking matter in their own hands now.The same concept was applied for online matrimony except that it had much more information.Due the expensive nature of newspaper advertisements, the information provided by the advertiser was little.

Newspaper classified advertisement had also become common.Young people who move out of their parents home to metro cities for education or work act more independent.As more females have started studying and working, colleges and work places have seen an increasing balanced male to female ratio.For example, if you are looking to get married, your mom, dad, sister, brother, brother in law or anyone could create a profile for you.They acted like the contact person for the listing.

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