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Enewold; Best of Springfield: The Genhart Turret of page *Volume Two, Number One; January/February 1980 The Original Nickel-Plated Cavalry Revolver — The S&W Model 3; Christopher Roby and the Chelmsford Sword; No Visible Means of Support: A Weapons Display Technique; Historian in Wood: The Grube Sculptures; Colt’s New Service Revolver: A Study of Fine Factory-Engraved Examples; The Other Sam Colt: Samuel Pomeroy Colt; Basic Army Marksmanship Badges; Best of Springfield: J.

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2013 Mystery Sword Discovered; Pair of Militia Musket-Fowlers Given as Shooting Awards; A.

Volume Thirty-Two, Number Four; July/August 2010 Swords by F.

2011 Louis Barbar: A Great English Gunmaker and Some Fine Examples of His Work; Gen Wingate’s Sharps Rifle; Cast Brass Mounted Swords of the Philadelphia Region: The So-Called Prahl Sword; Our Staff Surveys the Latest Batch of Surplus Military Pistols; U.

Volume Twenty-Five, Number Six; November/December 2003 Forsyth & Co., An Unrecorded Ignition System; Buyer Beware!

; Pieper's Mexican Revolving Arms; Peek at the Past; A Photo Essay.

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