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Suda revealed that he has been a fan of the original manga and admitted that he thought that the lead character of Teiichi seemed to be tailormade for him.

Besides being happy about being able to work with fellow actors who are about the same age as him, he is also eagerly expecting beung able to participate in the many impactful scenes featured in the story.

“Narratage” is based from Rio Shimamoto’s novel of the same name, written in 2005 at a young age of 20.

The movie will be directed by Isao Yukisada (Crying Out Love in the Center of the World, Pink & Gray).

Ishihara and Matsumoto last worked together in this year's "Lucky Seven" drama SP.

It was also announced on the same day that Mizukawa Asami will be playing Souta's business partner who is older than him as they work together to open a chocolate specialty shop.

Suda commented that it will be the first time that he has worn a loin cloth and he even plans to shave his entire body before the filming of this scene.This is Matsumoto’s first movie in 4 years after “Hidamari no Kanojo” in 2013 and also the first time in the teacher role.During “Shitsuren Chocolatier”, Matsumoto and Arimura played as siblings, this time they will be playing as lovers and will even be challenging a bed scene. Matsumoto will play high school teacher Takashi Hayama Arimura will play Izumi Kido.The title, which refers to the technique used in film and theater to reproduce the past through recollection and words, is built on the narration of the heroine.Takashi Hayama (Jun Matsumoto), a high school teacher is reunited with his former student Izumi Kudo (Kasumi Arimura), now a university student, and both fall into a deep but forbidden love.

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