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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Support Pack 1 - ZCM 11 SP1Novell ZENworks 11 Asset Management - ZAM 11 SP1Novell ZENworks 11 Patch Management - ZPM 11 SP1Novell ZENworks 11 Endpoint Security Management - ZESM 11 SP1Novell ZENworks Asset Management 11.2Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11.2Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.2 is downloadable from re-download, close this window and click the download link again.

TID 7008507 - Setting "Hide the Z icon in the taskbar" does not hide the icon TID 7008509 - Z-Icon disappears TID 7008587 - "Enter the printer name in a valid format" when trying to create Printer Policy for HTTP printer that uses CUPSTID 7008603 - Discovery task fails on domain root container TID 7008636 - zman isn TID 7008738 - ZCM 10.3.3 i Print policies fail on Windows 7 devices TID 7008796 - Alignment issues when restoring images to Advanced Format/SSD drives TID 7008853 - Unable to modify satellite Replication tab of bundles TID 7008943 - In ZENworks 11 Linux content satellites need Primary to be in Closest Server Locations for content TID 7008948 - MST fails to install TID 7008954 - System Update immediately becomes baselined when imported TID 7008955 - ZAM Compliance Engine does not consider expired licenses TID 7008980 - System Requirement Checks unable to Detect User Space Variables in ZCM 10.3.3TID 7008997 - Novell-pbservd crashes when an invalid server Referral is listed TID 7009006 - ZRS fails to run scheduled reports with error 'cannot rexec cp'TID 7009040 - No results for Manufacturer search on network devices TID 7009060 - Agent refresh loops infinitely while downloading TID 7009074 - Agent login fails if Server list not populated with FQDN of primary TID 7009078 - ZCM 11 Inventory only agent for Net Ware installs same OID on every server.From talking with all my friends, we all agree this is by far the best dating website in Thailand and a good choice to find a Thai girlfriend, or to find a girl who’s up for no strings attached fun, without any exchange of money.The west is still coming to grips with “online dating”, some people still consider these websites as taboo, while in Thailand it’s the complete opposite.TID 7009917 - User source admins can't get reporting rights TID 7009926 - ZENworks Tray Icon erroneously sends popup message that the ZENworks Windows Service is not running TID 7009945 - ZCM bundles take 5 minutes to be available after login TID 7009953 - Bundle verify fails with Reboot/Shutdown action TID 7009969 - Novell ZCM Pre Boot Service Opcode 0x21 Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability TID 7009970 - ZCM 11.1 Pre Boot Service Opcode 0x6c Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability TID 7009971 - ZCM 11.1 Pre Boot Service Opcode 0x4c Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability TID 7009984 - Unable to authenticate via satellite server TID 7009986 - Windows 7 BSOD on wake up TID 7009987 - File upload errors TID 7010130 - Location field in registration rule not showing after device is registered TID 7010131 - MSI Bundles failing with the standard MSI error of 1619TID 7010137 - Security Vulnerability on the xplat agent TID 7010138 - Trying to extract all the partition using imgexplorer fails to extract TID 7002530 - zac cc fails even though ZESM spoke is disabled TID 7000583 - ZAM/ZDM 7.x Agents may use new random GUID if GUID is previous GUID is not stored in ZISDTID 7000588 - Novell Client "Allow Dots in User Name" may cause unneeded "\" to be passed to ZCM for authentication TID 7000601 - Not all packages are replicated from the YUM repository TID 7000603 - User Assigned GPOs Report Success But Fail to Apply if not Cached TID 7000145 - Running novell-zenworks-configure closes DOS Window after task completion TID 7000167 - No alphabetical sort order browsing user source in ZCCTID 7000214 - TFTP replication can fail on Linux satellite TID 7001101 - Microsoft Security patches fail to apply on Chinese language devices TID 7002628 - Change password online (via Ctrl Alt Delete) but next local login only accepts the old password TID 7003619 - Initiating a remote control session, the remote control dialog disappears.TID 7003645 - After sysprep the first automatic login through the ZCM agent fails TID 7003698 - un-checking Create Sandbox option in Linux Managment subscription does not take TID 7000213 - Crash in TID 7000370 - SNMP discovered printers lack Manufacturer TID 7000572 - Rerunning System Update does not rename TID 7000573 - Honor Workstation Only causes passivemode login to fail TID 7000579 - Hibernate Exception: Not supported for DML operations TID 7000580 - Possible Linux agent uninstall failure TID 7000287 - Randomly GPO security settings fail to apply TID 7000591 - Do not compress or encrypt uploaded content TID 7000596 - Slow logins when server services are slow to respond TID 7000599 - e Directory errors with ZENworks user bind TID 7003010 - Patch Management Dashboard - "Mandatory Baseline Compliance" section is blank TID 7002494 - Patch subscription never finishes, constantly runs TID 7001854 - zenloader may stop processing queue jobs TID 7004395 - xcopy does not function correctly when launched from script TID 7006971 - Patch bundle content does not import correctly TID 7007190 - The action [NULL] (ID:remote management policy) failed due to the reason : remote management policy, however the action is set to continue on failure.

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