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But I had no clue that the people were so cruel they made the animals become wicked too.Everyday my cat would come running up to greet me, I would hold out my arms and he would jump up, purring licking my tears away.

He doesn't want us confused about who we are because of what has been, confused what we want with what we think we want because we believe we must hate what we have or to hate our own bodies because they are weak or hurt and vulnerable or not ideal in the eyes of others.

I would fight hospital boards on behalf of witchcraft, arguing why patients should be allowed to have crystals and ritual implements as part of "religious freedoms".

I discovered Freud was a pedophile sympathizer and said it was "normal".

They'd hook me up to wires saying slow your breathing.

Had a cultie come visit my home and hang outside to spy on me.

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