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(He also fancies himself a rapper and musician, but the less said about his rapping and vocal stylings, the better.) He’s even gone so far as to purchase a used mass spectrometer and use it to analyze everything from his competitors’ supplements to Flint water to the flu vaccine, resulting in pure hilarity (to real scientists) and, unsurprisingly, an interview with America’s Quack, Mehmet Oz, on The Dr. Basically, if it’s quackery and pseudoscience, very likely Adams embraces it and probably profits from selling it.

More recently, Adams has become a die-hard Donald Trump supporter and a rising star in the alt-right.

Some penalties are algorithmic, others are manual, meaning a person at Google manually penalized the website for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. Or, maybe there are a tremendous amount of bad links pointing at them- I doubt that though- the site is 10yrs old.

I googled a recent post and it had been mentioned nearly 3,000 times in just days that I could tell, which means it has likely been cited significantly more than that. From what I can tell, the site should be ranking very well.

By providing truthful, empowering and passionate information to the public, we harm the profit model of the corrupt medical cartels that fund the media, lobby the government and influence internet gatekeepers with advertising money.

First, it appears that, for unclear reasons, Google penalized Natural today, as Len over at Telapost noticed: Today someone asked me why they could not find a website in Google search. I tested the subdomain blogs.as well, and it too is penalized.

Len goes on to note that he’s seen sites disappear for a day or two and come back, but as of right now he noted that Natural is definitely missing from Google Search results.

I myself also did some tests and found the same thing.

Not surprisingly, Adams got his start in wingnuttery selling Y2K scams nearly 18 years ago.

Now, besides presiding over a scammy online publishing empire that racks in considerable green by publishing articles laced with quackery, antivaccine pseudoscience, character assassination, and thuggery, both legal and getting a bit too close to inciting violence, Mikey fancies himself a scientist.

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