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Are you great at telling long, detailed stories, or more adept at quick, witty observations? Some people are made to be physical comics, whereas others are primed for more cerebral humor.

Gersbeck’s only warning: “This might be a good way to hone your skills for a date, but it will make your friends and family hate you.

We caught up with Jacob at the 2017 Nickelodeon HALO Awards, and he exclusively told us what it was like working with Jenna on the project.

"We’re really good friends, and she’s really nice," Jacob told . She’s really nice, so we had good chemistry on camera and off." Before the video premiered, they totally had us fooled that they were dating IRL for a while there.

“Telling jokes or doing stand-up isn't for everyone,” Gersbeck says.

Poking fun at yourself and laughing it off are good ways to diffuse the tension.

“I find that drawing from personal experiences is what usually lands the most,” Gersbeck says.

“Some of the best comedians base their entire act on self-deprecation.

Just as you can train and eat right to improve your appearance, hone your conversational skills by engaging with more people and going on more dates, and improve your public speaking skills by getting up in front of people and embarrassing yourself a few times, you can teach yourself to be more funny. “They say it takes 10 years before you really find your voice, so I don't think I'm quite there yet,” says Chris Gersbeck, a New York City-based comic.

But comedy is always a work in progress, and he's dedicated the last three years to tuning that voice and using comedy as a means to overcome his shyness and anxiety.

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