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Printre operele lui și cele ale lui Luigi Pirandello se enumeră unele dintre cele mai cunoscute opere italiene.

Though he wrote in French and Italian, his plays make rich use of the Venetian language, regional vernacular, and colloquialisms.

Goldoni also wrote under the pen name and title "Polisseno Fegeio, Pastor Arcade," which he claimed in his memoirs the "Arcadians of Rome" bestowed on him.

He was employed as a law clerk at Chioggia and Feltre, after which he returned to his native city and began practicing.

Educated as a lawyer, and holding lucrative positions as secretary and counsellor, he seemed, indeed, at one time to have settled down to the practice of law, but following an unexpected summons to Venice, after an absence of several years, he changed his career, and thenceforth he devoted himself to writing plays and managing theatres. In 1732, to avoid an unwanted marriage, he left the town for Milan and then for Verona where the theatre manager Giuseppe Imer helped him on his way to becoming a comical poet as well as introducing him to his future wife, Nicoletta Conio.

His father placed him under the care of the philosopher Caldini at Rimini but the youth soon ran away with a company of strolling players and returned to Venice.

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There is an abundance of autobiographical information on Goldoni, most of which comes from the introductions to his plays and from his Memoirs.One of his best known works is the comic play Servant of Two Masters, which has been translated and adapted internationally numerous times.In 2011, Richard Bean adapted the play for the National Theatre of Great Britain as One Man, Two Guvnors.As a result of that incident (and/or of a visit paid with some schoolmates to a local brothel) he was expelled from the school and had to leave the city (1725).He studied law at Udine, and eventually took his degree at University of Modena.

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