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After some time the ruse was detected, but both scouts succeeded in fighting their way out and avoided pursuit.11 The matter of Indian costume addresses issues of both tactics and appearance as regarded scouts generally, and Lewis Wetzel particularly.

When the aged George Roush, who served under Captain Samuel Brady at Pittsburgh from 1777-80, made application for a military pension in 1855, he described the following dress requirements: Descriptions of Lewis Wetzel's appearance are similar to other accounts of contemporary white and Indian scouts.

Upon returning to the Ohio River, they constructed a crude raft and made their crossing.

It was after arriving safely at Fort Henry, Wheeling, that Lewis supposedly made his public vow to make Indian hunting his vocation.4 Several members of the Wetzel family were the victims of an ambush in 1786 when they were attacked while in a canoe.

On July 9, 1791, Harmer wrote Secretary of War Henry Knox concerning the incident.

Harmer was doubly incensed when the citizens of nearby Mingo Bottom, whom he was presumably to protect, refused to allow Wetzel to be arrested and tried.

Lewis refused surrender demands and managed to get the canoe out of rifle range, but not before his father John Wetzel, Sr. His brother Martin suffered a flesh wound in the shoulder which did not prove serious. Allman, Lewis Wetzel's most devoted and recent biographer, contends that from this date, as concerned their forays against the Indians, "he and his brothers now hunted for sport and vengeance."5 Judgment of Wetzel by his contemporaries is revealing.

General Josiah Harmer was outraged when in 1791 Wetzel shot and seriously wounded QueŸshaw-say, a Delaware chief and peace emissary to Fort Harmer, Marietta, Ohio.

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They took their father's rifle and each secured a pair of moccasins before creeping away.

When Captain Kingsbury arrived with a company of soldiers, settlers who had gathered for a rifle match became so threatening that Kingsbury retreated to avoid a general engagement between army and citizenry.7 Not all opinion was as favorable toward the Wetzels as was that of the riflemen of Mingo Bottom.

Hamilton Karr, grandson and namesake of the Hamilton Karr who was a contemporary of the Wetzels, wrote in 1867 to Lyman C. Plumer recounted to Draper a story he had from his father concerning Brady.

The task of an adequate scale of judgment for assessing the homicidal actions of Lewis Wetzel is difficult to establish apart from the frontier society he inhabited.

By the time of his first captivity by the Indians in 1778, he and his brother Jacob were barely teenagers.3 In effecting their escape, Lewis demonstrated some of his precocious aptitude for border warfare.

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