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This is an unusually deep and detailed horror film, well worth seeing.TODOS LOS QUE QUIERAN COLABORAR CON ESTE SITIO CON : AUDIOS , COPIAS EN VHS, SUBTÍTULOS, PELICULAS Y SERIES DIFÍCILES DE ENCONTRAR EN LA RED, O INTERCAMBIAR MATERIAL, PUEDEN ENVIAR UN MAIL A NUESTRO CORREO, "MUCHAS GRACIAS"It (Stephen King's It), conocida como De Stephen King: Eso en México, It, de Stephen King o It en España, e It, el payaso asesino en Argentina es una película para la televisión de 1990 del género de horror basada en la novela homónima de Stephen King.Realmente lo hice y lo hice a mi manera, lo cual fue divertido.Fue el tipo de audición que exigió eso de mí”, señaló Skarsgård para Warner.See more » Q: at the end of the movie when the gang is pulling out the guts of the spider, the camera zooms to the wall showing a shadow of all of them ripping out what looks to be the shape of a human.What exactly is this that they ripped out of the spider?

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Thirty years later, the seven are all grown up, but they re-unite to seek out the monster when it once more awakens for its regular killing spree.

The final photo of the Paramount cinema segues into the actual one in Derry.

The camera pulls back from the title IT, and it turns from white to red.

Many critics have complained that Stephen King's It is an overlong film.

However, considering that the book upon which it is based takes over 1,000 pages to tell its story, it is hardly surprising that the film version needs so much running time to cram in all the twists and turns.

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