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The BT9 crowd took a shine to it from the minute it opened and chef Brian Mc Cann has kept the place revving at race speed ever since.

By Joris Minne Predictability is important to the hospitality sector.

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the brand so the common theme was that they all had to use Hennessy.

I had no idea you could create so many drinks which would make brandy taste so different each time.

They prematurely leave the party and she forgets her Yellow Umbrella at the club.But it's an entirely different matter when you apply the concept to Belfast.This is by way of letting you know the sidecar was on a par with a few I had in the Fairmont Hotel in Los Angeles where Frank Sinatra used to drink them.Her first full appearance was in In 2005, while celebrating her 21st birthday with her friends at a Mac Laren's Pub on the west side of New York, Tracy finds out her long term boyfriend Max has been killed.A few weeks later, she returns home after the funeral to find a packaged ukulele he had gifted to her, which she keeps as a reminder of his spirit and presence.

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