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Ever wondered what a kind of a mix an Eritrean and say a Japanese would make? We have a few collection of photos below showcasing mixed Eritreans.

Judging from these pictures, its easy to conclude that Eritreans who mix with other groups of people tend to adopt the features of the people they mix with more than their Eritrean side.

The hospital's construction was begun by president Carlos Ezeta and finished during the presidency of Tomás Regalado.

In 1905 president Pedro José Escalón initiated construction of the National Palace, funded by coffee exportation taxes.

From top: Alisios 115 (left) panorama (right), San Benito District (left), World Trade Center Torre Futura (right), National Palace (left), Monseñor Romero Boulevard (right), Financial Center (left), Hilton Princess San Salvador (right) As a "beta" global city, San Salvador is also an important financial hub of Central America.

The city is home to the Concejo de Ministros de El Salvador (Council of Ministries of El Salvador), La Asamblea Legislativa (The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador), the Corte Suprema de Justicia (The Supreme Court), and other governmental institutions, as well as the official residence of the president of the Republic.

The directorate named vice-president Maximiliano Hernández Martínez as president and Araujo went into exile.

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The new site was chosen because it had more space and more fertile land, thanks to the Acelhuate River.

The population of the city remained relatively small until the early 20th century. Rafael Zaldivar, a group of businessmen and the president's family contributed funds for building the Sara Zaldivar Asylum for Indigents and the Elderly.

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