Dating a meth addict

Chasing, running faster, and trying harder doesn't work--yet the user doesn't stop trying.Chasing that first euphoric experience can continue for a long time. Consequences This particular drug also has some devastating effects--both on the body and mind.Several recovering meth users have told me that it is like having one hundred orgasms all at once. History Developed in the late 1800s in Germany, the chemical make-up of methamphetamine has changed a few times over the years.Meth is an amphetamine drug that is prescribed for use in nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers, treating narcolepsy, attention deficit disorder, and obesity.Injecting it or smoking it is a completely different experience.

This may sound simplistic or trite, but it is true.With this drug, use turns to abuse, which turns to addiction very quickly.It's almost impossible to get that initial feeling of intense pleasure to happen more than a few times.People high on meth will often become paranoid and obsessive, thinking the police are watching them.One user told me he became so obsessed with the color black that he painted the entire interior of his house that color.

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