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It was bought by entrepreneur William Benton who wanted to introduce Muzak into new markets like barber shops and doctors' offices.

While Muzak had initially produced tens of thousands of original artist recordings by the top performers of the late 1930s and 1940s, their new strategy required a different sound.

He was intrigued by the made-up word Kodak being used as a trademark and so took the first syllable from "music" and added the "ak" from "Kodak" to create the name Muzak which became the new name of the company.

In 1937, the Muzak division was purchased from the North American Company by Warner Bros., which expanded it into other cities.

The company began customizing the pace and style of the music provided throughout the workday in an effort to maintain productivity.

The music was programmed in 15-minute blocks, gradually getting faster in tempo and louder and brassier in instrumentation, to encourage workers to speed up their pace.

"Muzak is an evil force in today's society, causing people to lapse into uncontrollable fits of blandness," Nugent said.

"It's been responsible for ruining some of the best minds of our generation." His bid was refused.

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NASA reportedly used Muzak in many of its space missions to soothe astronauts and occupy periods of inactivity.

The term Muzak is – at least in the United States – often used as a term for most forms of background music, regardless of the source of the music, and may also be known as "elevator music" or "lift music".

Though Muzak Holdings was for many years the best known supplier of background music, and is commonly associated with elevator music, the company did not itself supply music to elevators.

A growing awareness among the public that Muzak was targeted to manipulate behavior resulted in a backlash, including accusations of being a brainwashing technique and court challenges in the 1950s.

However, the popularity of Muzak remained high through the mid-1960s. Eisenhower was the first president to pump Muzak into the West Wing, and Lyndon B.

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