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Caffeine can produce a mild form of drug dependence – associated with withdrawal symptoms such as sleepiness, headache, and irritability – when an individual stops using caffeine after repeated daily intake.

Caffeine citrate is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.However pure powdered caffeine, which is available as a dietary supplement, can be lethal in tablespoon-sized amounts.For children age 12 and under, Health Canada recommends a maximum daily caffeine intake of no more than 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.Video watch online Day 43 Bigg Boss 11 13th November 2017 Episode 44 Colors TV HD. Watch Bigg Boss 11 13th November 2017 Video Online.Video watch online Day 103 Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 Full Episode 105 Colors TV HD.

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