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First, you must renounce the immature behaviors of Dependence.Remember: people only pity dependent adults – they do not respect them.Inter-dependence requires emotional maturity, while dependence represents emotional immaturity.Sometimes, however, an unhealthy balance begins to set in.

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Just as falling in love is a process, falling out of love is also a process.(That choice should never be made based on fear, but that’s another story.) I hope this is written in a way that makes sense and helps.The info is a combination of what I learned from reading Dobson, and the model from what I learned at the New Beginnings marriage seminar weekend (which included Dr. This information formed the foundation that allowed me to pull away from my husband during the times I wanted to hang on more tightly.Then, as the relationship grows, we fulfill each other’s most important emotional needs. ) Inter-dependence is to be dependent on the other person, not that you will die without him or her.In inter-dependence, if the other person ceases to exist or goes away, the other will grieve and mourn, but does not fear that s/he too will cease to exist.

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