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DEB package and source code posted on their Soure Forge site.See the # GNU General Public License for more details.

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She wore a blue apron and a short dress that barely covered her black panties revealing a couple of seductive hips.

Everything will be logged in /var/log/This is the original source for this info.

In my defense, I didn't see this, and I did search..

BLOCKLISTS="level1" PG_CONF=/etc/PG_LOG=/var/log/PG_LIST=/etc/p2p.p2b.p2p #The URL where the blocklists reside URL= #The format of the lists to download SUFFIX=gz #The format after unpacking SUFFIX2=txt endscript () date "------------ "%F" "%X" "%Z" Begin Peer Guardian " case "" in 'start') cd "$PG_ETC" # check if blockfiles were updated: UPDATED="" for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do TIMESTAMP=0 if [ -e $i.$SUFFIX ] ; then TIMESTAMP=`stat --format=%y $i.$SUFFIX` echo "File $i.$SUFFIX last updated $TIMESTAMP" TIMESTAMP=`stat --format=%Y $i.$SUFFIX` fi wget -N $URL/$i.$SUFFIX if [ `stat --format=%Y $i.$SUFFIX` -gt $TIMESTAMP ] ; then UPDATED=$i fi done # if none of the blockfiles were updated: if [ -z $UPDATED ] ; then echo "No blocklists needed updating." echo "Starting Peer Guardian" mv $PG_LOG $PG_LOG.backup peerguardnf -h -m -d -c "$PG_CONF" -l "$PG_LOG" endscript 0 fi # if any blockfiles were updated: for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do gunzip -c $i.$SUFFIX $i.$SUFFIX2 BLOCKLISTSCAT="$BLOCKLISTSCAT $i.$SUFFIX2" done cat $BLOCKLISTSCAT | peerguardnf -f merged.p2b.p2p for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do rm $i.$SUFFIX2 done # uncomment below to unblock Yahoo!

If you don't use these service you can leave that out.

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