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I contacted 31 young women and compared the response rate to the 31 I had messaged before the height change.For those who responded, I replied that I had increased my height for this article and apologized for misrepresenting myself.Finally, my message style was the same: I remarked on and asked questions about specific aspects of her profile; used language that leads to more responses; and included humor.In other words, the only factor that varied was my height.A picture-less ad says: “I am so ugly I didn’t want to risk a photo,” “I am married,” or “I am on the run from Broadmoor.” Everyone who likes your main photo will want to see more.Whether you’re a man or a woman, a photo with your shirt off makes you look desperate and/or only interested in sex.

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Specific information does more than make you sound interesting – it also gives potential dates something to write to you about.“I asked my friend to describe me, and here’s what he wrote…” is a cop-out.

If you put yourself down, you won’t sound attractively self-effacing.

The aim of the online dating game is to catch the eye of someone you have lots in common with.

Don’t allow an email conversation to drag on for weeks without a date.

That’s why you have to take extra care with the timing and content of your texts.

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